Latest News Regarding the Covid 19 Coronavirus

31 March. Message from Heath, Dave Wadsworth, Club Treasurer.


Easily the biggest challenge we have faced at the Club.

With Heath not functioning at the moment, we are in for one of the toughest times we have faced. We have had to make difficult choices in cutting overheads to the minimum with the prospect of little or no revenue until mid-summer or longer. Clearly, we are into new territory and need help all the way. You, as members, have been great and ‘LocalGiving’ with its 25% government addition has contributed – we need to keep it going, though. One suggestion made is to donate some of the money you would have spent at the club into ‘LocalGiving’, (check out our page at, a big ask in some cases with your own situation possibly affected.

We are looking at news from Government and the RFU but actual support is naturally thin on the ground at the moment

We need people to have faith for now, with bookings made with the Club, so let’s spread the message that we are immediately open for business once the green light has been given.

Very difficult times which need your support. We appreciate that you are helping all you can – we will survive.

Let’s remember the fantastic season the Club has had and hope for deserved news come mid April.

So, finally, if you would like to make a donation to Heath, in these difficult times, then please use the LOCALGIVING.COM link that appears in the bottom menu bar on our website pages. Thank you. 

31 March. News update from RFU (EDITED)

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Please find below the third edition of our Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

A lot has happened since the start of this week. We’ve taken a tough decision to furlough some of our employees, which will result in clubs having a different point of contact for a while, we've also decided to close our Rugby 365 facilities until the end of June and have cancelled training courses for the foreseeable future. In addition, we’ve made good progress in the understanding the impact of the support packages available, including government and Sport England support. More detailed information is available below.

We will continue to provide regular updates to support our clubs through this communication.

For full details of this News item go to

March 20th. Message from Heath.

It is with great sadness but utmost necessity that we have to announce that the club will unfortunately not be opening Sat March 21st or for the foreseeable future, in line with new government announcements.

This is for the safety of our members and the wider general public - we urge everyone to continue to follow NHS and government advice and stay safe and well.

We will see you all on the other side, much love from everyone at Heath.

20 March. RFU CONFIRMS END OF 2019-2020 SEASON

The RFU have decided that the 19/20 season has ended. 

Further details will be released in due course  including the key information regarding Promotion and Relegation issues.
We await guidance as to how to proceed on these topics and this information will be published as soon as possible.

See news item for detailed information


........... We continue to review the implications of the government’s advice on the wider aspects of the community game. There are still a number of other matters to be resolved and we will provide further information regularly through this communication, unless there is an urgent need to do otherwise.


Cancellation of forthcoming activitiesThe following activities have been cancelled with immediate effect:

See news item for detailed information:


Rugby activity includes club training, league and cup matches plus rugby education courses from 17 March until 14 April subject to continued review.

The decision has been taken following government advice in the interests of players, coaches, referees, volunteers, supporters and the wider rugby union community.  

Where possible, players at all levels are encouraged to maintain their own personal fitness and keep active during this time, while following government guidelines about safe distance and safe exercise environments.

The RFU will continue to review and monitor government advice and will provide detailed updates on the impact to the season in the coming weeks.