Match Report: Saturday 5 December 2009

Reported by Dan Ingham.
FINAL SCORE: Heath RUFC 24 vs Roundhegians Club 12


Heath 3rd entertained Roundhegians vets on a wet and muddy afternoon,

Ingham won the toss and elected to receive. From the kick off Heath fumbled and head and feed was awarded to 'hegians. But good defence from the hosts put the visitors on the back foot. The first 10 mins was good pressure from heath with good defence from the 'hegians - 6,7 & 8 kept the 3rds at bay.

On 15 mins a good 8, 9 move from Ingham and Owen released no 10 Eddie Cartwright , who drew the opponent's winger and released Jon Kershaw for his first ever Heath try in the corner. Conversation missed 5 nil to Heath.

Again a short kick off from the restart put Heath under pressure and another fumble gave head and feed to the visitors. Good scrumming by Carter, S, Shaw and Smurf turned the scrum, so head and feed was rewarded to te 3rds. From the resulting scrum a long kick from Cartwright and a great chase from Bluey, Bash and Travis Denwood forced the opponents fullback to hack clear.

On 21 mins good running from Denwood and Bash released Josh Lister, who raced 35 yrds to score in the corner, ingham converted 12 nil to heath.

On 32 mins good forward drives from Blackmore, James and Smurf created space for Greenwood and Cartwright to again release Lister to score at the side of the sticks for his 2nd try. Cartwright converted 19 nil.

Heath them seemed to fall asleep on 37 mins and the opponents no 10 passed long to create an overlap and for the winger to score. Conv missed half time 19 to 5

The first 20 mins of the second half was like a scrumming session with both teams losing the ball and handling errors galore. On 24 mins a scrum on Heath's 10 was won against the head, by 'heagians and good a good inside ball from the scrum half released the flanker to barge his way over under the sticks conv successful 19 to 12 to heath

This seem to spur heath on and on 30 mins a penalty to Heath was tapped quickly by Ingham and a long pass to Bash put him in space. After beating several defenders he off loaded to James who in turn off loaded to the barnstorming elusive Rick Carter who crashed (well, fell) over the line to score. Conversation missed, 24 to 12.

As the game ran down Eddie Cartwright tried a drop goal attempt from 30 yrds only to see it cut the grass it kept that low. And the moment of the match was when Jimmy Li intercepted a pass, only to look so shocked he passed the ball back.

Again good play from the 3rds and good team spirit. Keep this going and we won't go far wrong. The men of the match were Paul Shaw for good lineout ball and good defence, plus Travis Greenwood for good solid runs and big hits. He kept bash in the shade all afternoon.

Tries 4 Drop Goals 0
Penalty Tries 0 Penalty Goals 0
Conversions 2 Attendance 25