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Heath AGM - Details of elected Club Officials.


This year's AGM took place on Tues 31st July (after training).


Well attended, there was a Review of last year on and off the field and a look at our financial accounts.


Election of officials 2018/19:


President - D Bradley

Chairman - P Sutcliffe

Hon treasurer - D Meir

Hon Secretary - M McFadden

Immediate past president - J Robertshaw

Director of Rugby - D Harrison

Junior Rugby Manager/Chairman - P Sutcliffe

Maintenance Manager - P Sutcliffe

Commercial Manager - Simon Brown

Community liaison/Volunteer Coordinator - S Dawes

Safeguarding Officer - H Shackleton

Fixture Secretary - P Taylor

Referee Liaison/Match Secretary - P Taylor

Player Registrar - P Burton

Subscription Secretary - P Sutcliffe/A Roy

100 Club Secretary - J Robertshaw

Communications officer - Tom Walton

Advertising and Sponsorship Manager - P Sutcliffe/Simon Brown

Social Media Managers - M McFadden & Ian Downsborough



Dated: 09/09/2018