News from The Heath and Heath RUFC

100 Club Winners for May

05/05/18  £20   No. 5   T.Hinchliffe

12/05/18  £20   No.97   D.H.Broughton

19/05/18  £20   No.76  D.Shackleton

26/05/18  £50   No.20  T.P.Mann


Congratulations to all our winners. I still have the forms to sign with regard to Data Protection and will be endeavouring to contact those members who I have not been able to see. There is no change to the basis of retention in that the details held are used solely for 100 Club purposes and none other.

Thanks to those who have kindly either completed aform or replied by email giving their consent.


John S. Robertshaw

100 Club Secretary.

Dated: 22/05/2018