News from The Heath and Heath RUFC

100 Club Winners for April 2018

07/04/18   £20   No.46   K.Davies

14/04/18   £20   No.11   K.Raby

21/04/18   £20   No.86   K.L.Taylor

28/04/18   £50   No.50   Nadine Pickard.


Congratulations to all the Winners.

You will no doubt be aware of the new regulations on keeping data (GDPR). The Club's membership records are all held on the RFU's Game Management System and as such you have already consented to that retention. However, the details of members in the 100 Club are held separately and it will be necessary for all 100 Club members to complete a suitable form authorising the retention of such data. I will be preparing some forms for signature but with only one game remaining and the deadline being May 25th I may have to send you a form either by post or electronically or by text seeking your agreement.

In theory, the Club will be in breech of the regulations if it utilises the data it holds in communicating with you without your consent. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


John S. Robertshaw

100 Club Secretary.

Dated: 25/04/2018