News from The Heath and Heath RUFC

100 Club Winners for December 2017

02/12/17   £20   No.68   P.Sutcliffe

09/12/17   £20   No.55   C.Moore

16/12/17   £20   No. 48   D.A.Meir

23/12/17   £20   No. 98   S.Brown,

30/12/17   £50   No. 02   Mary Sykes.


Congratulations to all the Winners especially the Chairman & Treasurer! The Numbers are all picked randomly through an external computer programme.

Can I respectfully remind all subscribers that 2018's monies are now due and I hope that you will all rejoin for another year. Payment can be made by cheque to the Club or by cash, cheque or card over the Bar. The cost is still a modest £26.


John S. Robertshaw

100 Club Secretary.

Dated: 19/12/2017