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100 Club Winners for December 2021

 04/12/21     £20     No.37     D.Garforth

11/12/21      £20     No.63     G.Milner

18/12/21      £20     No.36     C.Pidgeon

25/12/21      £50     No.13     K.Morley


Congratulations to all our winners in this last draw of the year.

If you do not pay your annual subscription by standing order, the the amount due for the calendar year 2022 at £26 is now due. Prompt payment will be gratefully received either over the bar by card or directly to the bank account details of which ,for security purposes, can be had from me. Cash, of course, is always welcome and I am usually to hand at most games.

Thank you again for your continued support to the Club. The Committee totally appreciate your help.

John S. Robertshaw

100 Club Secretary

Dated: 15/12/2021