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Heath Re-opening - Read all about it. Dates, Events and Safety Requirements.

As Lockdown lifts and restrictions ease, we're looking forward to re-opening the Club House and getting back to providing as many facilities and Events as we can, for all our Members, Friends and Supporters.


Events are planned and we've had some already - all a success, but we need to remember what makes things SAFE FOR ALL OF US.  Read on .........


Covid restrictions will be in place for 1 month.  Hopefully, we can then get back to 'normal' which should be after the 21st


  • masks to be worn as you enter the building until you are seated
  • also if going to the toilet
  • or leaving the building
  • or going for a smoke on the balcony.

These requirements are non-negotiable.


It would help if you'd scan in on the NHS app. If not, please sign in - register sheets will be available in a prominent place.

This is vital and everyone needs to leave theIr contact details - no arguments.

More safety requirements:

  • Table Service only - no bar service for the time being
  • It's the rule of 6 for tables, no more than that please
  • No moving furniture and no 'table hopping'
  • Once you have your table, stay with it.

Please note that it will be first come first served for tables.  No 'block bookings'.  So, please be patient.  Also, please be patient whilst waiting for drinks.  We will do our best to serve you as
quickly as we can. Promise!

To make things even more safe:

  • The one way system will be in place, again.
  • So, please enter through the main door and leave via the balcony and fire exit.
  • You can smoke on the balcony but remember if you leave your table put your mask on
  • All the hand sanitising stations are still in place around the clubhouse - so please use them
  • All tables and chairs will be cleaned down regularly throughout the shift
  • As will the toilets and all door handles and hand rails
  • Card payments are best wherever possible (though we will take cash).

Trust me, all this is to keep you and 'The Staff' safe.




So, hopefully, see you all soon - at 'Calderdale's Premier Rugby Club'.

Let's just get through this 1st month with no hiccups, if we can. Remember, no standing in the Clubhouse - you need
to be seated at all times please.

Be patient and respect all the staff. We are doing our best to keep things going.  Hopefully, there's now light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's follow all of the above. Then we will be fine.


your Chairman & General Manager



Dated: 10/05/2021