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Sat 21st November - Chairman's Update. Read on.......

Hi. Hope you are all staying safe in what are testing times, for us all, at present.


To keep spirits up - here's a quick update as to where we are regarding the Club.


As you will see in the news and social media, we have been awarded £5,000 from the Lloyds Banking Group community fund.  Fantastic.  A big thanks needs to go Alistar Gordon for running with the project and putting us forward for the awarding of the funds.  As we all know, flooding is becoming more frequent at the Club and these monies will help to minimize damage and get us back up and running a lot quicker. Which, in turn, allows us to get back and serve the community, in general, quicker.


Our finances are ok and we are managing to keep our heads above water - just, since we stopped trading on the 4th of November.  I would like to thank all the members who supported us, by attending one of our events at the Club, up to that date. THANK YOU.


We are currently seeking more financial help from the H M Government.  As I write this more grants are becoming available. Also, the RFU has been allocated a substantial sum of money, but we are not sure how this will be allocated to and between the Clubs below the Championship.


So, like I said earlier, we are keeping our heads above water but the next 3 to 4 months are vital to keep us afloat - with, hopefully, some rugby on the horizon in late Jan early Feb to look forward to.  If you'd like to help us by donating funds, then you can via the Localgiving site here.  (You are about to navigate away from the Heath RUFC website. Heath RUFC is not responsible for the content of this external site and does not monitor other Web sites for accuracy).


In the meantime, I'm not one to stand still so I've been in meetings with the Heath Catering Team in lockdown, to put some dates in the calendar for December. Obviously, we don't know what will happen on the 2nd of Dec and what restrictions will be enforced in Calderdale. Plus, what tier system we will be in.  But we will be ready for any and all eventualities and, hopefully, we can carry on as we did before lockdown - in a safe and responsible environment.  (Heath facemasks here).


Dates  for the diary:   


Open up   Weds   2nd Dec at 5 pm

Open          Thu    3rd Dec at 5 pm 
                      Sat     5th Dec at 2 pm  


                  Sunday 6th   Mr Moussaka's   Sunday lunch.     Details here.

                  Sunday 13th   Mr Moussaka's Spanish lunch.     Details here.

                  Sunday   20th Heath Christmas lunch. Details here.     

NB: all menus for the above dates are with the separate 'Event' notice.  Message me if you want to book a table on 07403 064417  


There will be more events, once we know what restrictions remain and what we can do, in due course   

Stay safe and hopefully I'll see you all on the 2nd Dec!    


Your Chairman  


Dated: 21/11/2020