News from The Heath and Heath RUFC
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Club AGM - Tues 4th Aug.

The Club AGM was well attended, within confines of current proceedures and all proceedings were conducted in a safe environment.

A good deal of 'business' was worked through and the highlights are below:


First off - our new President is Dave Meir. An eminently qualified, longstanding and hardworking member. Congratulations and best wishes to him.



Club Officers for 2020/2021:-

    President        -    D Meir
    Chairman        -    P Sutcliffe
    Honorary Treasurer        -    D Wadsworth
    Honorary Secretary        -    M McFadden
    Immediate Past President    -    J Robertshaw  (Club Rule No.12)  


Appointed to the positions indicated for 2020/2021:-

    Director of Rugby            -    D Harrison
    Commercial Manager        -    Simon Brown
    Community Liaison/Volunteer           -             S Dawes
    Junior Rugby Chair                   -             B Ward
    Safeguarding Officer               -              D Prescott
    Fixture Secretary            -    P Taylor
    Referee Liaison/Match Secretary    -    P Taylor
    Player Registrar            -    P Burton
    Subscriptions Secretary        -    A Roy/P Sutcliffe
    100 Club Secretary            -    J Robertshaw
    Website Officer & Press           -    D Garforth 
    Social Media Manager        -    M McFadden

Management Committee for 2020/2021.

President (officer)

Chairman (officer)

 Honorary Treasurer (officer)
 Honorary Secretary (officer)
 100 Club Secretary & Immediate Past President (officer)
  Director of Rugby
  Junior Rugby Manager
  Commercial Manager
  Communications Manager
  Community Liaison/Volunteer Co-ordinator
  Safeguarding Officer
 Together with the following Club members:-
  A Baxter, A Roy, M Hinchliffe
  T Walker, C Daniel and C Hughes (Stainland Lions Representatives)



    The subscriptions and team levies for 2020/2021 are:-
    Player Sponsorship    - £100
    Full Member (playing and non-playing)   -   £40                 - all players to pay this regardless of sponsorship

    Social Member     -   £30 

    Junior/Student Member (playing)             -   £30 

    Family Membership    -    £40
      (to include parents or guardians and two children 
    One at least being a junior player) 

    Senior team levy
       - per player per game     -    £5

    Junior team levy     -    £2


The deadline for the payment of subscriptions to be 1 October 2020, after which a list of the names of non-payers be displayed in the Clubhouse and reported to the Management Committee with a view to privileges being withdrawn.

Non-payment of subscriptions could lead to access to the Club’s facilities being withdrawn.    
Players should note that non-payment of subscriptions may also lead to non-selection.


Finally, we had the appointment of Captains. 2019/20 will be a tough year to follow, but the Captains Elected are well up to the task. Congrats to them:-


1st XV - Chris Moore, Tom Owen as Vice Captain
2nd XV Toby Hinchliffe

Dated: 04/08/2020