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12 May. Message from Dave Wadsworth. Treasurer Heath RUFC.

Hello ....

Just an update from the finance committee.

When we entered this situation it was on the back of a flood which, even with our experience, we hadn’t seen before. Then Covid brought a new dimension and our objective was survival. 

We have pared down our overheads to such an extent that we are ‘living on fumes’ but we are surviving….and preparing.

The management throughout has been exceptional – individually and as a group – matched and only made possible by our Heath community – I don’t just mean members because the support has extended to people who still give to the club and follow its fortunes long after their playing or supporter days have gone.
The player group have been exceptional in their support – the challenges, the individual gym sessions ready to play rugby, early subs, ideas! All matched by support from near and far. A horrible experience which has drawn our community together.

Through tremendous efforts we have weathered the storm up to now and the Finance team have looked to the positivity that has come out of the club. 
We are doing things in the background covering two aims.

1. Play rugby with the best facility we can offer the players– matching N1E and beating most of the facilities the 2’s and thirds might come across. 
2. Giving the clubhouse and general grounds the wow factor that can fend off those pubs and other clubs in our fight to regain business when the new norm kicks in.
 In both respects I think we are well ahead of the game.

Whilst managing our position we have gone ahead with the recovery of the pitches – we will match any club come the start of the season – improvements for both areas are in our long term plans anyway (levelling etc)  but the teams will play on excellent surfaces this year with equipment to match.
We are currently refurbishing and decorating the clubhouse – people will find it difficult to walk away from the ‘wow’ factor that is Heath when they start to re-engage with their social life and book functions etc.

I couldn’t think of a finer group of people I would want to weather this storm with. We are coping and need the continued support and innovations you have come up with.

Dave Wad.

Dated: 12/05/2020